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Acceptable Dress Code

  • Students must wear the school uniform (sweater, vest, skirt, pants, white collared shirt or T-shirt, sweatpants and sweatshirt for physical education classes). All uniform pieces must be purchased from the official uniform companies.

  • Only head coverings worn for religious observance are permitted.

  • Students must wear sneakers in the building at all times. During the school day, students may not wear clogs, wooden soles, platform shoes, or any other footwear, which is potentially unsafe.

  • Students appearing in school out of uniform or in inappropriate clothing for school use will be asked to change to something suitable.

  • Students may not change into or out of the official school uniform at any time!

Physical Education Dress Code

  • Students will be required to wear their physical education uniform during Physical Education classes. The uniform consists of the following:

    • Solid navy TYWLS sweatpants

    • Solid navy TYWLS t-shirt or sweatshirt

    • Sneakers and socks

  • Students are responsible for keeping track of their own possessions and for respecting the property of others. All clothing and other possessions should be marked with the student’s full name.

  • Teachers may stop any student who is in violation of the uniform policy and send that student to her Advisor, who will take appropriate action to make sure the infraction does not recur!