Our Mission:


The Young Women's Leadership School of Queens creates a community of lifelong learners that successfully prepares young women for college. TYWLS, Queens is committed to nurturing the intellectual curiosity, creativity and developmental needs of its young women. The school community cultivates dynamic, participatory learning and enables students to experience success on many levels, especially in the fields of math, science and technology. Students are supported to achieve their personal best in and out of school. TYWLS, Queens instills in its students a sense of community, responsibility and ethical behavior that help make them leaders of their generation, today and tomorrow.


Our Four Pillars

The foundation of TYWLS Queens educational philosophy relies on the strong belief of four pillars. These pillars are the axis of the school community and serve to help drive all decisions. The four pillars are: Leadership, STEM, Health & Wellness, and College & Career Awareness.


TYWLS Queens creates a maximized and sustained effort to help girls see themselves in positions of leadership because many lack this modeling in their daily lives.


College & Career Awareness

Students who are the first in their families to attend college need heavy support around understanding the value of post secondary education and the barriers to women and minorities. This is woven into the CBI ECCA piece.


STEM is an area of education which requires significant funding in order to expose children from an early age to state of the art technology as well as high-quality instruction and experiences in engineering and math and science research. This area is typically woefully underrepresented by women and minorities, so it is crucial to educate both students and families from early on.

Health & Wellness

Our population is vulnerable to a number of issues and lacks access to adequate health resources to combat things like asthma, diabetes, lupus, sickle cell, hypertension, HIV Aids, etc.


QCH | Queens Community House

TYWLS of Queens is a Queens Community House school, with the program beginning after dismissal on school days.

QCH recognizes the interconnected relationship between housing, health, employment, education, self-esteem, and financial wellbeing, and ensure all participants in every program have access to a full range of resources to help them achieve wellness and life-long security. Each year, our programs help thousands of our neighbors to thrive in school, make healthy life choices, succeed in educating themselves, become engaged citizens, stabilize their housing situations, and make the most of their senior years.